The Philadelphia Society of Radiologic Technologists

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    Tel. 914-443-7437


President: Lars Handago CNMT


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Last Update: 08-11-2015

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  The Philadelphia Society of Radiologic Technologists, Inc. (PhilaSRT) was established in 1934 and is an affiliate of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT).


  Our mission is based on the pillars of Education, Ethics, and Enrichment.


* EDUCATION: The PhilaSRT will provide continuing educational opportunities to technologists and student technologists through seminars and student events.

* ETHICS: We will support the ethics of our profession via campaigns and grass-roots efforts.

* ENRICHMENT: We will provide enrichment via networking and professional opportunities.

The PhilaSRT is dedicated to providing these services to the medical imaging and radiation therapy in the Tri-State area.


* To advance the science of medical imaging and radiation therapy.


* To expand and develop programs designed to broaden the scope of technological services.


* To stimulate and encourage research designed to elevate the quality of patient care and protection.


* To enunciate policies concerning professional status, legislative activities, and improve the welfare of the radiologic technologist.


* To publish and disseminate information pertinent to the PhilaSRT or the profession.  


The PhilaSRT meets these objectives through meetings, seminars, mailings, and support of area institutions.






Saturday, Novermber 5th 2016

Location TBD

Fall Seminar Brain-NervesAnno Brain-Nerves2

Welcome to the Official page of the Philadelphia society of Radiologic Technologists.

We're the western Pennsylvania affiliate of the ASRT.  We have a rich heritage of serving the technologists of the Philadelphia metropolitan area, and we look forward to bringing more value to our members and the radiology community


We're currently undergoing a restructuring and rebranding process that will bring more features and benefits to our members.



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